How We Rated the Brokers in Binary Arena?

All of our broker comparisons are made through a combination of our own personal experiences and the general consensus on the internet through scouring multiple binary options trading forums and websites. Each parameter has a value and score (the total value is up to 100). We constantly adapt our scoring methods and update this page so you have the information on how we score our listed brokers, giving you an objective and unique view regarding the most updated data for your safety and protection together with the current offers. The total highest score a brand can get is 100.
Here is a quick explanation of the criteria used:

Platform: This is the platform used by the broker and we ask ourselves is it stable and user friendly, does it have any added features? Highest score for Platform is 10/10

Minimum Deposit : What is the bare minimum you need to invest in order to open an account? The lower the better. All Binary Options Brokers have a minimum deposit requirement. It is the amount a trader is required to deposit into their trading account before being able to make live trades. The highest score for Min Deposit is 5/5

Minimum Trade Size : What is the bare minimum you can enter in each trade? The lower the better. Highest score for Min Trade is 5/5

Number Of Tradable Assets : The more assets a broker has for the trader to trade the higher the score. Highest score for Total Assets is 5/5

Accept US Traders : Does this broker accept traders from the USA? Highest score for US Traders is 5/5

Regular Binary Payouts : How much does the broker payout for each successful trade on a normal option? Highest score for Payouts is 5/5

Special Binary Payouts : How much does the broker payout for each successful trade on a “high risk” options? Highest score for Special Payouts is 2/2

Average Withdrawal Time : How long does it usually take for the broker to accommodate a withdrawal request? This is the whole point of trading, being able to withdraw your funds without long delays. It should be efficient. We put the broker through the paces on this issue checking the length of time it takes for them to deposit funds in Traders accounts Highest score for Withdrawal Time is 5/5

First Deposit Bonus : Does the broker offer a good first deposit bonus for traders? Highest score for First Deposit Bonus is 5/5

Reputation Among Traders : This is the general consensus among traders in different web forums and general user feedback and comments. Highest score for Reputation is 20/20

Quote Accuracy: How close are the quotes given by the broker to real market prices during trading and upon expiry? Highest score for Quote Accuracy is 5/5

Regulated: Is the broker regulated by a trusted financial authority Highest score for Regulated is 8/8

60 Second Trading: Does the broker offer 60 second trading? Highest score for 60 Second Trading is 5/5

Expiry Rate Flexibility : How flexible is the trading platform to enable you to choose your option expiry time? Highest score for Expiry Rate Flexibility is 5/5

Support : How good are their helpdesk when it comes to providing client assistance? Good customer support is vital for hassle free, good trading. The chat, emails, live support all should be professional, helpful and concise. Highest score for Customer Support is 10/10